I moved!

As I already mentioned in my previous blog, last weekend I had to move! However, before I did, I threw a tiny houseparty and went out with some of my friends one more time. After chilling at my place for a bit, recovering from our final exam, we went to the metro. Just as I […]

Last things

  The title of this blog may sound a bit dramatic. It’s not. I am just horrible with titles. Either way, this week I wanted to write about the ending of things, or more specifically having ‘last’ days. This still sounds strange, I know, but keep on reading and it will (hopefully) start to make […]


  I am still here! It has been a while since I last wrote something on here, because I have been very busy. Okay, that is not entirely true, because I had last week off. Either way, I did not have enough time to write anything, so here is a little something. Last week I […]