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A weekend at Vivian’s // Stay Alive and Cooking!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are doing well 🙂

I am doing pretty good and after another week of fun, here is my blog update in which I tell you what I have been up to. So sit back, relax & enjoy!

On Sunday I came back from Hannover, Germany, so it’s needless to say that I was slightly tired on Monday. My flatmate, Elisa, had a friend over for the night though, and I somehow found the energy to cook for them. We sat down in Elisa’s room to eat and had a nice chat with the three of us. I have no clue why I bought a kitchen table, because we don’t use it at all. Well actually, we used it about two times to eat at and now only use it to sit on while the other person cooks. Maybe the fact that we don’t have kitchen table chairs makes it a bit inconvenient and is probably the reason why we use the table as a chair. Anyways, after this magnificent dinner, I think I made spaghetti, we agreed that Elisa would cook on Tuesday.

I had a pretty productive day on Tuesday and although my initial plan to upload a ‘travel blog’ about Hannover didn’t succeed (I didn’t actually explore Hannover enough to write anything about it), I still managed to upload a blog that day: Be patient.

Since it was Elisa’s turn to cook, she asked me what I wanted to eat and, surprise surprise, I wanted to eat pizza. Lucky Elisa, now she just had to get some frozen pizzas and put them in our crappy oven and hope for the best. I actually got home before her, so her friend and I popped them in the oven because we were hungry and impatient. Of course we ate our pizzas (topped with extra cheese) in Elisa’s room and chatted for a bit. After dinner, I called my mom and caught up with her.

Thursday was another beautiful day and after getting back home from the office, Elisa and I walked to the supermarket together. We just had to enjoy this gorgeous weather while we could and it was so nice outside! Usually when we come back home we eat, lay down on her ‘bed’ and just chill a little, talking about work and stuff. On Wednesday we also talked about the fact that although we complain every now and then, we really are happy with life as it is. We enjoy our jobs (we don’t work for the same company), we do fun things in our free time (not really together though, we both have our own friends) and just enjoy life 🙂

Then, for the ones of you who don’t know it: Friday was SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!
Of course Lisa came over for this special day, so she made sure I reached the required beer intake of that day. We didn’t actually make it as crazy as last year, we only went to one Irish bar in the city and got back home around 1 a.m. More about Saint Patrick’s Day in Amsterdam can be found in my Saint Paddy’s blog and for more information about Irish Pubs in Amsterdam, you can check out my Iamsterdam blog.

On Saturday I got on a train to Breda, to spend the rest of my weekend at Vivian’s. We have been quite productive so far; we went to the store yesterday to grab some fun stuff for a video on her channel which we also filmed that day and made delicious pasta with spinach and shrimps. This morning we filmed another 3 videos and it was all very exciting. It’s funny because I never tell people I write blogs or anything, because I am really shy about it, but when I am with Viv I get a little more confident about it because she is more open about it. Wooops, I almost forgot to put a link here to Stayaliveandcooking, which is Vivian‘s foodblog!

Anyways, that’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed my weekly update & that you’ll have a great week!

​X Dagmar

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