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About me

Name: Dagmar de Lange
Age: 21
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Birthday: the 16th of January

I go to school at: Inholland University of applied sciences
I work at: Amsterdam Marketing as a full time Trainee at the International Press Office
My hobby’s: Wandering, exploring new places, travelling & listening to music.
I practice these sports: Haha, funny!
I am good at: Getting lost (hey, it’s the best way to get to know a place!)
What I am not so good at: Introducing myself. For some reason I am always super awkward with this and find it really difficult to tell people who I am and what I do.


My favourite
Animal: Cats, they are adorable!
Food: Pizza, so original, I know… but it’s delicious <3
Colour: Eh, dark green.
(Holiday) country: This is a tough question, I love Northern Europe; Scotland, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, all the shitty-weather countries really. But; South-America was pretty cool as well.. 🙂
School subject: I always liked maths and physics, I am odd I know. But, I like to know how things work, and why.
Film: The maze runner, this may be because of my favourite:
Actor: Dylan O’Brien
Music: I love music. My favourite genre is something with rock or pop (alternative-rock, pop/punk, etc.).
Band: This question is just a tough as the one about countries.. Muse is the reason I started listening to that kind of music. But now I really like other bands, such as; Mallory Knox, Twin Atlantic and You Me At Six.
Book: THE MARTIAN! Holy shit, I read this book and it’s literally the best thing I have ever read. I really, totally love it! A close second place goes to The coffin dancer. Super awesome!
Quote: “We are not here for a long time, we’re here for a GOOD time!”

My biggest wish: To be able to combine my love for music and travelling in a later job.
What I want to be when I grow up: People keep on asking me this, and I don’t know the answer. For now, I just want to be me, enjoying life.


Wy My Weird Blogs?

Originally, I started my blog to be able to clear my head. I didn’t expect people to actually read this, but after some positive feedback and encouraging words, I decided to just go for it. My blog has been online for over a year now and I still really enjoy writing on it. I do find it difficult sometimes to find the time to publish a new blog post, because I value quality more than quantity, but I always try my best. I aim for a new blog on every Sunday, a travel-related blog on Tuesday and something in regard to music on Thursday. However, realistically speaking I know that uploading twice a week is already an achievement. Either way, my blog is growing and I don’t know where we’ll be in a year from now. All I can ask for is for you to join me on this adventure and to enjoy life to the fullest 🙂