Hi there wonderful creature,

How are you doing today? Genuinely, how are you?

I have no interest in your average ‘hi, how are you? – Good, how are you?’ kind of conversation. I want this blog to be honest and personal and I want people to be actively involved. I want to genuinely know how you are doing and I don’t want you to be scared to share your opinion. I’ll give you mine and if you don’t agree with it, feel free to let me know!

On this blog, I often write about my thoughts and opinions, it’s a way for me to clear my head. At the same time, it is also a way of remembering. I write about my craziest adventures, the most wonderful music related events, my life as a student in Amsterdam (and Leeds!) and a whole lot more. My life is pretty darn good, and I don’t want to forget about all things I do and have done. Writing them down on my blog, gives me the opportunity to read back what I have done and makes me relive certain things.

Okay, so my name is Dagmar de Lange and I am a 21 year old tourism student. This will hopefully all change soon, as I am currently busy with the last year of my study. I grew up in a town called Oud-Beijerland, just south of Rotterdam. When I was 17, I decided I had had enough of this place, so I took a gap year after high-school and went over to Germany. After a year abroad, I realised I should probably go back to school and I decided to have a look in Amsterdam. I have lived in Amsterdam for the first two years of my study, after which I went on an exchange to Leeds. I just moved back to Amsterdam again in May and I absolutely adore this city. Besides exploring Amsterdam and my own country, I also love to check out other countries and cultures. Travelling and music are things I love with all my heart and writing about this, would be my passion.

I love writing and I hope you like reading 🙂


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