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Appelpop 2017

Saturday, September 9th 2017. 

Not only a gorgeous day in terms of the weather, but also when it came to music & company. What a fantastic day!

Let’s start at the beginning. I had a wonderful Couchsurfer named Emma. She stayed with me from Tuesday all the way up until Sunday and I couldn’t have asked for a better guest. Anyways, on Friday Dennis came over and we had a bit of a chilled night, just watching movies and eating pizza. We were wanting to go to Appelpop on Friday, because I really wanted to see Kensington, but the weather was so horrible and the journey pretty far, so we decided to skip it and just go on Saturday instead.

We got up early on Saturday morning and opened up the bottle of vodka that Dennis brought, before the sun came out (it’s not alcoholism it it’s a weekend, right?). My plan of leaving the house at 11:30 got completely screwed over and it wasn’t until around 1 pm that we finally went outside. In the meantime, my ex-flatmate Elisa had come over as well and we were already having heaps of fun!

We successfully made it all the way to Tiel, where the festival was being held, and simply followed the stream of people until we were at the festival grounds. We found a nice spot for Emma to store her backpack and continued inside and over to the bar. We all got some drinks, honestly they were small and expensive, but since it’s a free festival I can’t complain. We had a look at ‘Gallowstreet‘, which was very alternative and interesting, but decided to head over to the main stage shortly after, in order to check out Triggerfinger.

Triggerfinger was surprisingly good. Honestly, I had no clue as to what to expect and with a name like that… I have no idea. Anyways, they actually really surprised me with how great they are and how fabulous their music is. I didn’t actually know any of the songs they played, but that didn’t bother me at all. Sometimes it’s better if you don’t know it, because then you are forced to carefully listen to what they sing and do. I am still amazed by how well they surprised me. That’s the good things of going somewhere without expectations: you won’t be disappointed.

After Triggerfinger, Kraantje Pappie was playing at the other stage. He was also at Vestrock when I was there, but I didn’t get the chance to see that performance. I am really not into that kind of music, but I just really wanted to see it in order to be able to judge from experience. Unfortunately I, again, didn’t manage to see it, but I could hear it when the main stage was being prepared for the next band (the one that I have been so so SO excited for to see again). So we decided to try and get up front as much as possible and simply neglect what was happening on the other stage. I don’t regret it.

Racoon was up on the main stage after Triggerfinger and can I just say that they were absolutely amazing once again?! I am not really that much into Dutch music, but even their Dutch songs got to me. Their lyrics are fabulous, wonderful and emotional all at once. The singer can actually sing and the others are so great at what they are doing as well. When Bart, the singer, asked us to get onto each other’s shoulders, I didn’t hesitate a second. I climbed onto Emma’s shoulders and threw my hands in the air. After a thumbs up from the singer I started looking around me. Bloody hell. I was literally the only person up in the air and I have never felt more self-conscious in my life. I could feel all eyes on me when Bart pointed at us and it was fantastic and awkward at the same time. I would do it again any day!

I almost forgot to mention how bloody amazing the crowd was! Check out the short video above to see how everyone is singing and dancing along to Racoon. Everyone was so kind, enthusiastic and full of energy. It was absolutely wonderful to be a part of it 🙂

Back to business: Bazart started playing right after Racoon, on the stage next to it. We headed over there, met up with some more of my friends and danced around a little. No offence, but none of us actually liked their music. For that reason, we decided to simply head back over to the main stage and wait for Tom Odell to begin.

Tom Odell, what a legend. I really only knew one of his songs (another love), but I am convinced I will start listening to more of his music from now on. He was good. Very good. I think he was the highlight of the weekend to many Appelpop attendees, because he was absolutely rocking it. To me personally, Racoon was outstanding this Appelpop, but that doesn’t mean the others weren’t great. Tom Odell is a singer songwriter and although I like this very much, it’s a bit too calm for my liking. It’s good when you just want to chill out, but usually when I go to concerts I just want to rock out. Either way, Tom Odell was fabulous.

The last band I saw that night was Di-rect. I have known this band for an incredible long time, because my mom went to one of their concerts many many years ago. The older sister of my best friend was dying to go and see them live, but she was only allowed to if an adult joined, so my mom volunteered. They then told me so many great things about this band, that I have wanted to see them live too. Not that badly, but just to see what all the fuzz was about. Plus, I know quite a lot of their songs and I like them a lot, so why not check them out?

They were great! Okay, I only saw/heard them play a couple of songs, because we unfortunately had to catch the train back to Amsterdam, but they were rocking it. I loved being able to sing along to a couple of songs and was enjoying myself very much.


Appelpop 2017, you were oustanding. Amazing. Wonderful. Perfect. The vibe was absolutely fantastic, the weather was great and the people I went with are lovely as well. I got to see so many amazing artists and the whole festival was organised very well; I loved it.

Appelpop marks the end of this festival season. See you next year!

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