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Hi folks!

Even though I have already been back in the country for over a month, I feel like I haven’t really updated you on any recent developments in my life. Therefore, I would like to take you all back in time a little bit and tell you about the things that I have been up to since being back in the Netherlands and hopefully you will enjoy reading about it all 🙂

Last week, I wrote a blog about why people read blogs and how I am horrible at attracting new people to my blog, so should you be interested in that writing, click here.

When I came back from my travels in the UK, I first needed a few days to unpack and recover. It took me some time to realise it was really over (for now) and that it wouldn’t be long till school starts again. I visited my dad for one or two nights, to catch up and tell him about all my adventures abroad. After that, I headed back to Amsterdam, because Dennis was coming over! We attended a Couchsurfing meetup, made tons of new friends from all over the world and had a good laugh. After recovering from that weekend, I went to Haarlem to pick up my Leeds grade list and do some work. Receiving my ‘final’ paper from Leeds was exciting, yet sad. Of course my Leeds adventure ended months ago, but it was so amazing, I still long to go back on a daily basis.

To add to my study abroad being really over, my friend Sacha was also headed off to Vilnius for her exchange. Of course we had to have sushi together for dinner, as a goodbye meal. I also spent an awful lot of time with my classmate Lisa over the past few weeks and enjoyed the sun, drinks and a whole lot of fun. We had a wonderful picnic together in the park, with tons of fresh fruit and special beers. It was a week filled with fun. Marjam and I visited The Hague and enjoyed Scheveningen beach on yet another sunny day. This was all in the last week of my summer holidays, so it truly was a wonderful end to it all.

My friend Harry/Leonie and I paid a visit to an art exhibition in Den Bosch- the south of the country, where my grandma had a few pieces of art on display. It was another sunny day, so after the exhibition, we went into the city for some more fun. I then went back to Amsterdam, because on Saturday there was an open-air cinema where Lisa, her flatmates and I would go to. We arrived too late, couldn’t sit and after standing for about half an hour, we decided to simply buy some drinks at the supermarket and watch a movie at home. It’s the thought that counts.

That Monday is when uni started again. Luckily, we still have Tuesdays off, so after the kick-off on Monday, we all went to the bar for a reunion. Most of us had been abroad last school year, so we hadn’t seen each other in quite a while and needed to catch up. The rest of the week wasn’t all that interesting. We were setting up a school project with out project group, so it was a bit chaotic and all. Thankfully, things seem to be getting together now and this week we’ll will start doing field research, so fingers crossed all will go well.

The week after was loads of fun. I welcomed Emma, my Irish Couchsurfer for the week and we had lots of fun together in Amsterdam. She was meant to stay for about three nights, but ended up staying five; all fine by me. On Thursday we enjoyed a couple of drinks in the bar next to my school with some of my classmates, so on Friday we had a slightly more relaxing day. We went into the city; enjoyed the view from the public library, visited the cats at the catboat, went on the ferry at the back of central station and enjoyed a lovely lunch at a delicious Turkish place. It was a super rainy day though, but with our umbrellas ready, it was very doable.

Dennis came over as well for the weekend, so the three of us had a movie night with pizza that Friday. Love it! On Saturday we all went to Appelpop, which was truly amazing, read about that here. It was absolutely wonderful. The next day, Emma left quite early to go to Berlin and I kicked Dennis out before lunch as well, because I had to catch up on some work. On Monday, my classmate Bas and I went to Bos & Lommer for our first day of field research, which was fun. I am pretty excited about this project, so I hope we can pull it off.

The rest of the week was filled with school work again, so it wasn’t until that Saturday that something interesting happened again. It was time for 24H Zuidoost. Lisa and I wanted to explore our neighbourhood a bit better during this event. It’s basically 24 hours of different activities in the area of Southeast Amsterdam, so a perfect opportunity for us to explore this neighbourhood. We ended up in a bar/brewery close to Lisa’s house and stayed there far longer than anticipated. We were doing a quiz, but it was taking forever, so after a while we simply decided to leave. We wanted to explore more different locations during this event, but didn’t really succeed. Ah well, we tried.

On Monday I had to participate in two different walking tours through Amsterdam as a school assignment. One was about Dark Tourism and was organised by one of my lecturers. It was very interesting and different from the usual tours through the city. The other tour was organised by Amsterdam Odyssey and was about Jewish History. Also very interesting, but a lot less walking. I was completely shattered afterwards, so I decided to go home rather than join for a drink with some of my classmates. Besides being tired, I also had to get up early the next day, because I was getting a massage. Now, this is something I have never done before, so I wasn’t sure as to what to expect, but it was very pleasant. Should you be interested, I would highly recommend Sportcity Amsterdam for all things sport and  physiotherapy/massage related.

Thursday was really lovely as well. I had uni in the morning and then went into the city with Lisa, to meet up with Lenka, another close friend of mine. I took them to Blue Amsterdam for a drink with a stunning view of the city. When we finished our drinks, we walked around the city a bit more, enjoying the last official day of summer. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. We decided to enjoy another drink on a terrace in the sun, to say bye to summer. It was lovely. The girls were off to another pub, for a pub quiz with some friends of theirs, whereas I was meeting up with Karen. I met Karen during the press trip that I organised when doing my internship for Amsterdam Marketing, and we stayed in touch after. I am still amazed by the wonderful people I met during this trip, I even stayed with two of them this summer; one in Scotland and one in England. Anyways, we went to get some Vlaamse Frieten for dinner in Amsterdam, and then bumped into my cousin Ludo who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Great day!

On Friday, I went over to Lenka’s in Haarlem to meet up with her and Lisa and go get a haircut. After that, Lisa and I went to the station to get ourselves a nice kebab and then went separate ways. I was going to my dad for the weekend, as is where I still am while writing this. Yesterday, my dad and I hopped on the motorbike and went to visit my dad’s aunt. I hadn’t seen her in months, so it was good to see her again. I remember to go and visit my dad every now and then, but forget/can’t find the time to visit any other family members. Unlucky, but it is a pretty busy period for me right now. At night, I went to Harry’s house again, because it was time for another fry-day (patatdag). Today is rather chilled, my dad and I are simply watching the MotoGP races and enjoying the lovely weather.

I know this is a rather long update, so I hope it’s not been too boring for you to read. I wish you a fantastic day and hope you will have a great week, wherever in the world you may be.



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