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While going through my notebook, I stumbled upon a page titled “I am such a lucky person”. As soon as I read the title, I knew when I wrote it: back when I was visiting my sister and we had just heard that we had finally found a host to stay with in Montpellier. What I didn’t know when writing that, was that this guy was an absolute ass. However, I think this little scribbling of mine is actually really quite nice to read, so I just wanted to share it with you and I hope you can appreciate my writing and thoughts.


I am such a lucky person

I know this post will probably end up being awfully cheesy, but I just want to share my happiness with you. Fact is; I am an incredibly lucky person. I know it and you all probably know it too. The reason I am writing this is not to brag about, but rather show you how thankful I am for this. I do believe in karma, to a certain extend that is, and I am trying to be the best person I can be.

While growing up, I was often scared for the opinion of others and what everyone else may think of me. I was afraid of standing out and for being weird. I no longer think being weird is a bad thing. In fact, I know I am weird and I am absolutely fine with this. I have accepted myself the way I am and I respect others the way they are. Like Cody Carson once said:

“I am proud of my flaws and I will wear them like a badge of honour on my shirts!”

Now that I don’t have to worry about the opinion of others anymore, I have much more time for fun things. My mind is not full of fear anymore, but with plans and dreams of my very own. Instead of wasting time thinking of how to behave and look to fit in, I now have time to focus on things that I want to do. It has also made me far happier in general. I am who I am, you don’t have to like it, but at least accept it and move on.

If I see someone wearing something that I like, I will always try and tell this person. Most of the time they react surprised, but I can see it’s a pleasant surprise. Compliments make people happy (although I am personally awkward receiving compliments) and they cost you absolutely nothing to give. Why not use three seconds of your time to tell that person you like her bag? Honestly, something this small can make someone’s day, so why wouldn’t you?

Another funny, yet strange thing I noticed about myself lately, is that I can get really annoyed when people complain about useless or untrue stuff. For instance, I hear people complain about the weather on a daily basis. People, wake up! The weather is not going to change, no matter how many times you say it’s crap. It may be a bit far-fetched, but without what you consider to be ‘bad weather’ we wouldn’t be alive. Did you forget that rain is necessary for growing pretty much anything, including surviving yourself? A bit of rain every now and then really isn’t a bad thing.

I actually love rain. I admit: it’s not very nice when you have to be somewhere and want to look decent, rather than soaking wet, but there are things that can help you with this: umbrellas, rain jackets, wellies, you name it! Rain can actually be really nice when you’re sat inside working or chilling. I think it has a bit of a relaxing effect on me and it goes very well with staying in and reading a book with a big mug of tea. 


That is all I wrote in my notebook, but I would like to add a few more things:

I am a lucky person, I really am, but I also think it has to do with my mindset. For instance, when I was in Edinburgh we went to a pub (shocker). I was the first one to order my drink and therefore got the nicest glass they had. I immediately pointed out how lucky I was and everyone was soon to agree with me. They started telling me to buy lottery tickets, which I kindly rejected. First of all, I find happiness in small things, like getting a nice glass, but I also know not to push my luck. I think that winning a lottery would be out of proportion compared to the kind of luck that I am referring to when I call myself lucky.

Maybe I am also being a bit superstitious, I have lived in England after all, and am afraid that pushing my luck would backfire. You see, if something nice happens to you, you shouldn’t question it, but rather be grateful and accept it. If someone offers you a beer in a bar, you are not going to stand there and ask for a lottery ticket now, would you? You simply accept (or decline, but seriously, who does that?) the offer and enjoy your luck.

Happiness is an amazing thing and I wish for all of you to have/find it. You see, in my blogs I always try and be positive. I think positivity is contagious, so if you are being happy around other people, that will hopefully result into something good. Not saying you should fake happiness, but if you smile you will immediately feel happier as well. Obviously, the fact that I prefer to post positive things, doesn’t mean I never feel unhappy or that I fake being happy. In fact, I have felt pretty sad over the past couple of days, but that doesn’t define me. It just means that I prefer to focus on the positive.

Have a happy day sweeties!

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1 thought on “Happiness.

  1. I miss and love you so much. Sometimes, it feels to me like we have the same mindset.
    You know that you are allowed to feel sad, but you always keep in mind that those feelings should not overtake your personality. Either way, these sad feelings can only pass by because overall, you are happy. We are much alike. Although I’m definitely the one who’ll take the time to complain about something insignificant, then overdo it and complain about everything and end up having a good laugh about how ridiculous it is complaining about things that cannot be changed… Live every day like it’s your last, don’t worry about the road and just enjoy the ride… Because you will get there, even if you don’t know where ‘there’ is yet. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I am and will always be very proud of you.

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