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Review: Mildtfest at Dynamo, Eindhoven

Okay, let’s face it; I suck at writing reviews. I only write about how lovely everything was, rather than giving a professional insight upon the case. Personally, I think this is because the whole atmosphere during these events is just so great, that it makes me love all of it. But to be fair, not everything is great. Therefore today I will try to be a little more ‘professional’ but still include my personal opinion into this ‘review’.

During Mildtfest there were quite a lot of bands present and performing:
– Ravenna
– The Press and the President
– Coral Springs
– Milestones
– The Overslept
– Roam
– The Kenneths
– Ghost Town
– As It Is
– Tonight Alive

But, unfortunately, I couldn’t see all of them, simply because I was socialising every now and then (can you imagine?!) and also I had to go get food at some point (not hard to imagine). So here is what I did see:

The Press and the President
With the heat wave outside and the festival being inside, I think the singer felt as if he had to bring the tropical temperatures into Dynamo. He was wearing a great Hawaii shirt and making everyone jump, dance and therefore hot and sweaty. Nice. The music was good, although it got a bit… odd… when this ‘stranger’ climbed on stage and they all started singing Hotline Bling. I am not complaining, I thought it was hilarious, but my friend called it ‘very unprofessional’. Listening back to this music after their performance makes me like them more, because I think the singer has a great voice and his English is amazing (it’s a Dutch band I believe).

The overslept
I think I have seen this band before, back when they were the support act of As It Is in Venray (did this ever even happen?). Either way, I really liked them during Mildtfest. Turns out the ‘stranger’ on the Press and the President’s stage was the singer of The Overslept. When they were singing Hotline Bling, by the way, I was already surprised by the fact that the ‘stranger’ could properly sing. I like how during this festival all bands were merging and helping each other out. The Overslept really does make great music, I even noticed myself being able to sing along to an unbelievable amount of two songs of theirs!

If I remember this correctly, Roam is a pretty big band. As in; they consist of quite a few people. My Facebook stalk-session has just let me know that they are a big band, as in with many fans, as well. That’s not hard to believe after seeing this performance, in which many people knew the words to sing along on top of their lungs. The band (and the crowd) were so full of energy, all jumping and running around. The singer really seemed eager to make everyone have a good time and he made sure that no one’s feet were left on the ground! The music was good, quite loud and there is a lot going on, but I liked it. Tip: don’t listen to it before going to bed though, that might be a little too much!

The Kenneths
Oh man do I love these guys! The friend that I was with knew them personally, so I had the pleasure of meeting them (and hanging out with them as well). I never listened to their music before, but I have been listening to it a lot ever since I heard them play at Mildtfest. Their music is so so good! It is kind of cheery, but also meaningful and funny (that sounds like a strange combination). Perhaps I am a bit biased by meeting them, but I honestly think their music is great and if you feel like listening to something ‘different’ this would genuinely be a good choice: even my dad likes it!

Ghost town
I only saw them perform one and a half song, but it seemed quite okay. I am not a big fan of the music, which is a personal preference, but their show was fun! They all seemed full of energy and excited to be there. Can’t say a whole lot about their performance, since I haven’t seen much of it.

As It Is
These guys will get their own personal review, because I saw them again the day after this festival. But man oh man I loved their performance! I really like the music they make, and the way they bring their music as well (which is why I decided to go to their concert the next day in Amsterdam as well).

Tonight Alive
This must have been about the fifth time (if not more) that I have seen these guys perform. That of course, is a good sign, because I really like their music. Their music is a little more calm than any other thing I heard that day, but that’s a nice way to end a great day. Their music has a beautiful meaning and they bring it all very personal. Jenna gave a great, almost emotional, speech and she really seems to care about her fans. Shout out to the whole band!

This night I heard two girls talk about how badly they wanted to meet Jenna (singer), but I just want to point out that without the guys she wouldn’t be where she is today. It’s not all about Jenna (don’t get me wrong I love this woman). I understand why they want to meet her though, because she does all the talking so I guess they feel ‘closest’ to her, but yeah: it’s a band, not just Jenna 🙂

Mildtfest in general
I loved it! I heard so many great new bands and learned about some amazing new music. I made a new playlist on spotify, because I feel like a new one was needed for all of these bands.

Thanks again for checking out my blog, I really really really appreciate it <3
See you soon X

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