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Why I don’t engage

Once upon a time, I started creating a blog of my very own. Although I found this terrifying at first, I decided to publish it and share it with all of my Facebook friends nonetheless. I started getting some loyal readers over the months, but at the same time I found it difficult to (keep) being interesting to others. If you don’t know me, why would you be interested in reading stories about my life. That’s what I have been thinking for a long long time. Why would someone from Russia want to know that I am in Brighton, or that I have seen Twin Atlantic live. Again? Well, I think I found the answer.

You see, although I don’t like to admit it, I have spent and awful lot of time on YouTube in the past. I was a loyal subscriber to quite a few YouTubers and the good girl that I was, I always watched their newest videos. At one point, after watching yet another PointlessBlog video, I realised that I was wasting my time watching these videos and that I should start doing fun things myself. You see, Alfie Deyes (aka PointlessBlog) makes funny daily vlogs (video blogs), with occasional motivational aspects to it. I am not very good at explaining, but he loves the quote “Do more of what makes you happy!” and I think this is something we should all live by. I have said it before in some of my previous blogs, but if you are not happy doing what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it. I am not saying you should quit your job, but you could get a hobby that lifts your spirit or start up a side project or something. Stop building other people’s dreams and start working on achieving your own!

I quit watching YouTube for a while, although I still tried to keep up with Alfie’s daily vlogs; he was my inspiration after all, and started doing more of what makes me happy. Some of you may know about my New Year’s Resolution: to go abroad and/or visit a concert/festival AT LEAST once a month. So far, I have been doing outstandingly well, check my halfway mark update here. Now, I just want to point out that resolutions should reflect upon yourself. Don’t do something to impress others, just do something that you want to be doing and that makes you happy. Even if it’s on the long run.

So, travelling makes me happy, at first it takes away pretty much all of your energy and leaves you exhausted. But once you’re back home and revived, it gives you so much energy and leaves you with so many fantastic memories. When I am older, I want to look back at my life proudly, not thinking ‘I watched so many YouTube videos as a student’, but rather have hundreds of stories to tell and to reflect upon. Then again; I am in no way doing this to show off or to impress you all, I am just trying to live my life to the max and I think I am doing pretty well so far 🙂

Now, to get back to why someone who doesn’t know me could possibly be interested in my stories, I’ll briefly explain to you why Alfie thinks this works. He basically says that people are pretty nosy and are interested in seeing how other people live their lives. It’s a bit like being behind the scenes in someone’s actual life. You see things about their life that you wouldn’t normally see. Blogs may not be as interesting as Vlogs in that regard, but I personally love reading on the train or bus or something like that and that is far more convenient than watching a video (because of the sound). But then again; if you’re tired, watching a video will probably be more appealing. Anyways, so someone who doesn’t know me, might actually be more interested in my life than someone who does know me personally. My friends know that I am a weirdo and that I go places all the time, but stranger don’t (yet), so they might be more drawn towards the stories I tell. It’s like watching a movie and being able to empathize with the main actor/actress.

I have kind off lost track of where I was going with this story, so let’s recap. I was talking about doing things that make you happy. Writing makes me happy, it puts my thoughts into words, clears my mind and makes me happy by reliving the moments I write about. So, this blog is something that I am quite proud of and I want to share my stories with others and I want others to share their stories with me. But I don’t know how. If I look for tips online, the things I come across are all about liking other people’s Instagram posts, commenting, like for like, follow for follow, you get the point. I don’t want to be doing this. I want authentic followers/readers. I want people to read my blogs because they like it, not just so they can get a like back. I am not saying that all bloggers engage in these kind of activities, but I know there are an awful lot of them who do. I do not want to be a part of this. Sure, I would love for more people to read my blogs, but I want them to actually read them, not just comment on it. I rather have five people who enjoy reading about my adventures, than 20 comments from people who have no clue what I wrote.

So yes, I don’t engage. I do like other people’s photos on Instagram, but only if I genuinely like them. Same with following, I do follow others, but only if their content matches my interests. I see no use in following people, waiting for them to follow me back and then unfollowing them again. That’s not me. Now, I don’t want to be all negative about this, because I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there who started out this way and they are far more successful then I probably ever will be. However, I started this blog as a hobby and I am not expecting it to ever be a whole lot more than that. Sometimes I read about new bloggers asking for tips on how to make quick money with their blog. I think starting a blog for the money is just a bad reason. You should write because you want to, not to try and make money. I am not planning on quitting to write on my blog anytime soon. I love writing and I hope you like reading my adventures.

Feel free to drop a link to your blog in the comments and I would love to read your stories!

Cheers, D.

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10 thoughts on “Why I don’t engage

  1. I liked reading what you had to say and what ypur ideas are and I must say I agree and feel the same way you do. I love blogging because like you I love writing and one of my passions is travelling so I blog about it 🙂 I have various blogs; The most recent one is one of my travels to Paris another is one of our holiday in the Algarve and then I have our Family blog which has a bit of everything we do during our “normal” lives ahahahah

    1. Sorry, it has taken me forever to reply, but that is good to hear! I often feel like videos/vlogs are the easier option (for the audience, obviously editing takes a lot of time) so this is very interesting of you to say. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  2. I couldnt agree more. The way I look at my writing is while I may do it for others at the core of it I do it for myself as an outket and hey if it brings others entertainment or joy I’m content

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